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The POLYMAN range of low molecular weight polymers have unique properties and these, when used alone or in combination with PHOSPHOMAN range of organo phosphonates, offer excellent threshold effect, dispersion and chelating useful (required) in many applications.

Threshold effect

This is the ability of a very small amount of a product to keep large quantities of scale forming minerals (like Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Barium, Silica etc. that is less soluble in water and tends to form scale) in soluble form. POLYMAN range of polymers are adsorbed on the growth cites of the scale forming minerals during crystallization. This adsorption alters the growth pattern so that the resultant crystals of scale forming mineral are formed more slowly and are also highly distorted. The threshold inhibition of POLYMAN range of polymer varies with the product, water quality, and degree of saturation of the scale forming minerals, pH and temperature of the system.


Deflocculating or dispersion is the phenomenon, which makes the agglomeration of particles very difficult. POLYMAN range of polymers adsorbed onto the particles, (which has general tendency to attract each other (due to their oposite electron charge) and form hard scale) forcing them to repel each other.

Crystal Direction

In the event that a solution is highly over saturated, precipitation of scale forming salts cannot be avoided. Adsorption of the polymer molecule on the growth site causes the crystal to get distorted. Very often, such crystals are fluffy and thus, do not adhere to any surface. As a result, these get easily dislodged.

Corrosion Control

Salts of Zinc and phosphates are often used to control corrosion in cooling water systems. These salts have poor solubility under cooling water conditions and unless controlled, can precipitate. The loss of these ions leads to increased corrosion. POLYMAN polymers hold high concentration of such inhibitors in solution and ensure that their corrosion inhibiting properties are utilized to the fullest


All POLYMAN polymers have high hydrolytic, and chlorine stability. These can be used in process water, cooling water, low and medium pressure boilers, dishwasher detergents, disinfectants & cleaners that contain hypochlorite, or other bleaches.

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